Sniper XXX

The Rink Rat SNIPER Hockey Wheels are limited editions elite wheels for the true NARCh enthusiasts, excelling in speed, grip and durability. 

The dual durometer utilizes a pro level urethane on the outside for excellent speed and durability. The inner core is constructed of Rink Rat's Mtech™ technology, that flexes well when turning for better grip and bounces back when coming out of your turns. With these two fused together, you get a deadly combination of agility and speed that will fly you past the opponent.

Pour: Dual
Internal Component: Split Mtech
Urethane: Pro Level
Grip: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Wear: 9/10
Hub: iHub5 with Interlock
Surface: Indoor Tile Only 

Not ideal for wood or painted surfaces
Do not use on concrete or abrasive surfaces

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